Active Shooter in Toronto Canada: 7-22-2018



Toronto Canada Active Shooter Attack: 07-22-2018 10PM.

A familiar news story once again takes place in Canada as they suffer from another active shooter / active threat type attack. At this time the motive is unknown on the shooter and a terrorism nexus hasn’t been ruled out.

What we know, the shooter began his rampage in Toronto’s Greek Town Neighborhood. As the video footage from Fox news shows a man walking quickly down the street, looking devoted and motivated, brandishes a pistol, squares up on the front of a restaurant and begins firing into the restaurant. Looking at the video , the shooter appears to have had some type of training this based on his aggressive stance, grip, posture, etc.. The battle field stretched in this neighborhood as you could hear multiple gun shots, a pause as the shooter reloaded, and the carnage began once again until police rapidly responded, engaged the shooter in a firefight and it was unclear if the shooter killed himself or if police had killed him. At least the rapid police response ensured the shooters focus was on the responding officers and not inflicting mass casualties.
Prevention / Intervention: At this time it’s unclear if there were warning signs or some type of motive. The shooters family spoke of him having a life long history of mental illness.
Response: It’s very difficult for many to keep their situational awareness up as they’re dining and socializing on a Sunday night, however as we learned from the active shooter incident in Las Vegas that this is a must! Individuals and Businesses alike need to begin thinking “what should we do when this happens” , begin telegraphing situations and your movements if an attack happens, get acquainted with your surroundings and give yourself and others a fighting chance. The police response quick and many individuals were still struck by gunfire to include 2 killed and 13 Injured. An active shooter incident is an individual problem, it’s unrealistic to assume a police officer is directly next to a shooter, therefore we all must be prepared for this dilemma.
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active shooter toronto 3active shooter toronto 2.jpg

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